Frequently Asked Questions

An important read for those new to adventure parks and zip lining.

My trip

  • What should I wear?

    All adventurers are different, so dress however you feel most comfortable when performing physical activities. Closed toe and heel athletic shoes or boots are required. Important: Keens are NOT considered closed toe and will not be permitted.

  • Does someone climb with me?

    Once you demonstrate the ability to use the equipment, you are free to explore the Canopy however you’d like. Staff are always on hand (on the ground and in the trees!) to monitor and help when needed. You may request a personal guide to assist you during your adventure for an added fee. You must call in advance for this service when reserving your tickets.

  • Is there more than one ropes course?

    Yes, we have 4 different courses ranging in difficulty level! All 4 are included with your adventure pass.

  • What are your difficulty levels and how hard is it to complete the courses?

    We use a color-coded system to allow you to choose the course that meets your challenge requirements. Beginners will gain the skills and confidence needed to progress while on our yellow course. Our green course will push our beginner climbers and build confidence in our intermediate climbers. Our blue and black rope courses are the most difficult and will challenge everyone both mentally and physically.

  • Do I need to be super fit to complete the ropes courses?

    Users of average physical fitness and health should be able to complete our yellow and green courses. Users capable of holding their own body weight up and/or performing 3 consecutive pushups are best suited for our blue and black courses. We offer these 4 levels of progression so that users can pick and choose the course(s) that best fit their level of ability and comfort. With that said, our park has been specially designed to push you to your physical and mental limits!

  • Do you sell food and beverages at the Adventure Park?

    We sell bottled beverages (water and sports drinks) and t-shirts. There is a full-size restaurant in the golf complex clubhouse that you can enjoy after your climb!

  • Can I bring my own food or drink?

    Yes, we encourage you to bring your own water bottle! You may also bring snacks to the adventure park. We do not allow food on the ropes course itself. We ask that all guests clean up after themselves and to not litter. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

  • Do you provide lockers?

    No, we do not provide lockers and suggest you lock all valuables inside your vehicle. We are happy to hold onto your keys while you are on the course.

Policies and procedures

  • What are your participation requirements?

    - Participants must be a minimum of 4'9" in height.
    - Participants must be at least 10 year old.
    - Participants must weigh less than 265lbs (subject to harness fit).
    Note: For children between 10-14 years of age, a participating chaperone is required. For anyone under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must sign their waiver.

  • What is your weather policy?

    We climb rain or shine - dress appropriately! We are open during most inclement weather but do close when the weather becomes severe and includes high winds, thunder, lightning, or ice. We are unable to offer refunds for any reason but will accommodate rescheduling your adventure should we close due to weather. If you have already started the course when severe weather hits, we will ask you to evacuate the course and provide you with a rain check.

  • What happens if I don’t show up?

    If you do not show up for your scheduled time slot, you will forfeit your right to a refund and/or reschedule as we cannot fill your spot. Please see our booking terms and conditions (link at the bottom of our site) for more information about cancellations.

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t want to continue climbing?

    You are eligible for a refund if you do not proceed past our training session. Once you move on to the self-guided portion of your ropes course adventure, you will have forfeited any refund.


  • What are your hours of operation?

    Our hours of operation vary widely, typically dependent on the season. Booking your ropes course and zip line Adventure Pass in advance is currently required at Canopy Adventure Park. Our booking calendar is the absolute best place to see our current availability.

  • Is the Adventure Park certified?

    Canopy Adventure Park was built and operates in accordance with the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). We are proud to adhere to these stringent safety standards!

  • Are the ropes course and zip lines safe?

    Absolutely! All climbers are fitted in safety harnesses and climbing gear that meets and/or exceeds the highest standards in the industry. For added safety and unlike other ropes courses, we use a smart belay system that makes it impossible (under normal use) to become unclipped at any point in your journey. In addition, all climbers receive proper safety training and have the ability to practice and demonstrate proper use of the equipment before climbing into the trees.


  • Why can I only buy tickets for a specific time?

    To give you the most freedom to explore the course however you’d like, we run on a time slot-based system. This ensures you can get in as much ropes course and zip line action as you’d like in over two hours! Prepare to arrive 15 minutes early to park, walk down to the course, check-in and be ready to go at your official start time. Note: If you are late, you will forfeit any time missed as we cannot extend your reservation or you will be required to start at the next available timeslot.

  • Do you accept walk-ups?

    (NOTE: Due to COVID-19 we are not currently accepting walk-ups) While we do accept walk-ups during the warmer months, we can’t guarantee you a spot as our spaces are limited. For this reason, we highly recommend you reserve your spot in advance using our website or by giving us a call.

  • Can I pay for just the zip lines?

    No. At this time, all 10 of our zip lines are integrated into our courses so we can maximize the fun and excitement at Canopy! We do have plans to open a standalone zip line course in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes, we do offer discounts for groups of 10 or more. In order to accommodate a group of this size, we require at least 2 days advance notice. Call or email us to get your discount rate and to reserve your group’s time slot. We also offer group discounts and specials for corporate outings, birthday parties and other large groups.

Location and directions

  • Where are you located?

    Canopy Adventure Park is located in Midlothian, Virginia at Independence Golf Club. We are just a short drive from Richmond, Virginia. Our address is 600 Founders Bridge Blvd, Midlothian, VA 23113. Find out more about how to find us on our Hours & Directions page!

  • How far is the Ropes Course from Richmond, Virginia?

    We are only 15 miles (about 25 minutes) outside of Richmond, Virginia. While we are technically in Powhatan County, our address is Midlothian, Virginia.

  • Why does it look like you are located on a golf course?

    Because we are! The golf course is our partner, but is not associated with the ropes course itself. All questions pertaining to the ropes course should be directed to us!

  • Where do I park once I arrive?

    Park in the large parking lot in front of the golf clubhouse. Exit your vehicle and follow the signs for North Campus (walking path) and/or Canopy Adventure Park. This is a .25mi walk, so please plan accordingly. Find out more about how to find us on our Hours & Directions page.


  • Do you offer handicap parking?

    We do offer limited handicap parking and you must let us know in advance if you need to park in our handicap space so we can direct you.

  • Is your course accessible for all guests?

    Due to the nature of our business, it would be very difficult to accomodate all guests. In some situations, with direct assistance it may be possible for a physically disabled person to complete some aspects of the course. We would require advanced notice and a brief interview to determine if this would work. Please call or email us for additional assistance.

Still have questions? Contact us and we'd be happy to help.